Scales of War

Deeper into the Dark

Wait ... what exactly are we here to get?

Just One More Room

Overhearing some Goblins in the next room talking about whats best to cook humans with drove home the urgency of your mission. While many of your bodies were badly battered, your will was strong and you were far from exhausted.

Roger moves ahead quietly into the room to spot a couple of Hobgoblin Grunts and an Hobgoblin Archer. Roger ducks quickly behind a sarcophagus, but the Archers keep eye sees movement in the shadows and calls the alarm. This is a mistake he wont live to regret.

Fulled by the urgency of rescue and knowing some much needed rest is right around the corner the party burst and hits the Hobgoblins with everything they’ve got. The Hobgoblins enforcements joined the fray but Stampy entered his Lashing Rain stance at a choke point proving critical to holding them at bay.

Once the dust settles no prisoner was to be found and the party quickly split up to search and examine the room. Some magic items were fund wrapped in a linen cloth and were quickly dispersed while others examined the sarcophagi. The Hobgoblin Solder dons a twine necklace with a single bead in the shape of a skull. Everyone examines it, but finds that it has no historic or religious significance so little other thought is given to it’s purpose. The Hobgoblin Soldier’s sword is also marked with a black arrow head near it’s hilt.

Dartis listens at a door and hears some whimpering and the sounds of rats, but it is decided that further rescue attempts can not be made and that rest is needed.

Four Beast and Four Beast Rats

After a nights sleep its back into the fortress of Rivenroar to find those you are looking for. At this point you guys realize that no one actually found out what or who exactly you needed to recover. At this point you hope for the best and enter the room where Dartis had heard the rats and woman earlier.

Roger sneaks in spotting four large rats and four statues of a beast he does not recognize. Kendris hearing the news gets excited to examine them and the rest of the part follows. The statues turn out to be those of Displacer Beasts, although it is never ascertained why they might be there.

Instead the party engages the large rats and finds themselves struck by arrows from a hidden foe. The fight is quick and brutal with the Four rats and two Goblin Snipers laying in pools of blood. The woman is nearly catatonic, but Dartis seems to be able to make a connection with her before she passes out. She has an advanced affliction of Filth Fever and both Stampy and Victor start to feel it’s effects also.

Who Needs Stealth

Further wandering through the halls you guys find yourself at a set of typical double doors. Departing from your normal tactics both Stampy and Roger throw open the doors to reveal a trio of nasty looking undead. An rotted corpse flanked by a pair of ghostly knights in plate mail all brandishing the crest of Baron Rivenroar.

The corpse raises its hand as necromantic energy collects and leaps out at the group. But the shot is wild and fly’s over everyone head. Needless to say it robbed them of the bad ass cred they deserved.

The fight was on as the part engaged focusing on the corpse mage (actually a Deathlock Wight) trying to dispatch it as quickly as possible. As the fight progresses Goblin Ghosts leap from the wall and attack anyone within grasp.

While the Deathlock Wight is quickly dispatched the Ghostly Knights turn out to be quite tough and the wave after wave of Goblin Ghosts start to take their toll and frustrate the group. The battle drags on, but at the end nothing but ectoplasm remains.

You guys notice a dead Cpt. Kartenix, sitting up in the corner with a twisted and pain wrought face sitting next to a small chest. The chest is search finding some gold and healing potions and the decision to leave Cpt. Kartenix where he lie is made, you’ll collect him on the way back. No one seems to worry about leaving his corpse in an area full of undead.

Dude a Red Ninja! … Oh Wait He’s Got Spells

After a short rest the party decides to take the stairs up instead of the ones leading down. Roger leads the way carefully sneaking up the stairs. At the top he stays concealed and makes out a large room, maybe at one point a reception area or banquette hall. Several Hobgoblin Grunts and two medium lizards (Spitting Drakes) stand guard.

The part follows, but Stampy gives them away by accidentally kick a piece a metal on the stairs alerting the guards to your presence. The Hobgoblins spring into action fast with two blocking off the entrance to the room while the other two take the flanks and stay out of sight.

Quickly they are joined by a Hobgoblin dressed in all red. Dartis, remembering some stories he heard on the road, shouts out with glee “It’s a Red Ninja!”. Of course not realizing that a Red Ninja would kill all of you without you even knowing it, the Ninja illusion is shared when he starts throwing spells at the party.

Victor is able to make it through the enemy lines quickly and boxes the mage in. He is hit by a Stinging Hex, preventing him from moving with taking massive amounts of damage. Luckily Stampy arrives right in time to continue the attack and the Hobgoblins are neutralized.

The door which the mage emerged was still slightly ajar allowing a glimpse of an attractive blond Elf in skimpy clothing chained to a far wall. Indecent thoughts abound, but you guys free her, without too much groping.

She identifies herself as Jalissa, an acolyte of Ioun. She thanks you for her rescue and tells you how she was kidnapped. She also lets you know of the six others that were also taken.

  • Mirtala – female cook, who she identies as being strapped to your Tensors Floating Disk
  • Sertanian – Castellan of Hall of Valor
  • Thurann – young son of Cpt. Kartenix who was handed over to the undead
  • Cpt. Kartenix – killed when he tried to stop them from taking his son
  • Zerriksa – An old woman who claimed to be a witch, she was quickly separated from the group
  • Adronsius – A dwarven alchemist who Jalissa says was trying to make a deal with Hobgoblins, but since she doesn’t speak goblin, doesn’t know exactly what was said.

The room makes the third crypt found in this fortress, although this one is dedicated to Pelor, so not as bad as the others. The Sarcophagi seemed to have been looted already and in the corner you find some magic items in a pile of junk and bones.

XP: 970



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