Scales of War

Rescue at Rivenroar
... and one left behind

Sinruth I Presume

The party regroups in the large room that may have once been a reception hall or meeting room and find two other doors. One has the tell tale markings of goblins with similar warnings found on the “Ghost Room” doors. The other door seems to be incredibly cold and slick as water vapor from the air condenses on the door.

There is a small debate but soon the door leading to the cold darkness is ajar and you are making your way up some slick stairs. The walls are smooth dark stone, possibly marble, but something tells you it’s not right. Down a short hall leads to a room with a number of black thin Menhirs and two Hobgoblins guard the door on the other side of the room.

Some quick banter leads to the murder of the Hobgoblin guards and the emergence a very large Hobgoblin from the far doors.

Battle with Sinruth is at hand and while he is strong and cunning he is no match for six opponents. He makes a fighting retreat back through the doors he came with all of you pressing the attack. It’s not long till Sinruth’s head explodes from the force of a magic bolt from Dartis’s Wand. In an impressive display of lightning reflexes Stampy is able to snatch a coin purse from Sinruth’s body before it hits the ground.

Honor Guard of Rivenroar

Making your way past the door with the warnings you find a room illuminated by the light emanating from a small pond. The pond acts a looking glass into rooms around the compound, with the view changing from one room to the other. Victor’s military training allows him to immediately recognize the value of watching the pond, but the others high off their defeat of Sinruth quickly leave to continue the exploration, not wanting to be left along Victor follows.

Listening at the door of an unexplored room the sounds of a set of doors shutting is heard. Assuming someone had just left the room the party enters to find that a group of undead had just entered as well.

The room has a mosaic of a black sun in the middle which glows a dark color and prevents the room from ever becoming more then dimly lit. You also find that it heals the Ghouls and Zombies that you find here. Even with the healing the advantage swings in your direction as the several of the undead fall to your might. With one Ghoul left you consolidate your position leaving the Ghoul unengaged. It takes this opportunity to flee.

In hot pursuit you come to a door which was used by the Ghoul to flee and glimpse a large undead standing almost twice the height of Victor. It looks to be created of the decaying corpses of Hobgoblin and civilized races a like. It starts to move from a shallow pit filled with the ingredients of it’s creation and heads in your direction.

You guys quickly decide taking on a giant undead is not the wisest thing right now and for the first time in you career you flee for your lives. You make it out of the dungeon and setup camp for another extended rest. (This was a mistake you shouldn’t have been able to take another extended rest this soon, you need at least 12 hours between extended rests)

During the night you spot bad omens as a portal to the far realm opens in the sky above you. Dark energizes shoot down hitting the mountain, but do not harm any of you. Something terrible has happened.

One Left Behind

After being fully rested you B-line right back to where you left off. Most of you enter the undead part of the chambers without noticing a camouflaged Skulk Zombie clutching to the ceiling. Timmy, use to look up due to his small stature paired with his divine training, spots the Zombie and quickly points it out to the remaining of the party.

Half the party peruse the Zombie while the rest continue down the side hallway to the black mosaic sun room. The two groups of the party find themselves accosted on all sides by undead. One group takes on the Ofalian and now healed Ghoul along with the Skulk Zombie it was tracking, while the other group fight several Skulk Zombie using their hit and run tactics.

The battle is violent with the Ghoul and Ofalian making a particularly nasty duo. It takes a little while but the party attempts to link up in the black sun mosaic room to face off with the Ofalian. Timmy manages to do some healing right before he is snatched up by the Ofalian and finds himself unconscious and in the gruesome mouth of the beast. The rest of the party tries to kill the beast, but it’s too late and Timmy is chomped to death and swallowed for a quick digestion.

Shortly after the Ofalian falls and silence falls over the halls. You are victorious, but not all of you are going home.

Baron Rivenroar and Bride

Quickly regaining composure and focusing on the task at hand you make your way forward finding yourselves in the throne room of Baron Rivenroar, who is sitting on his throne next to a Boneshard Skeleton. In front of them is the old crone Zerriksa entrapped in a magic circle. Her life force is being drained out and transferred to the Baron. The drained husk of the boy Thurann lies next to the circle.

Kendris opens up with a radiant blast against the Boneshared Skeleton, gaining the Baron’s attention. He quietly reassures the remains of his bride that he will handle this and to sit back for the time being.

Victor and Stampy quickly engage the Baron with the plan to maneuver him away from the magic circle, while the rest take on the Baron’s bride and the numerous skeletal minions that have risen to their barons defense.

Victor and Stampy are able to get the Baron away from the circle and Victor’s blade turns the Baron to dust shortly after. The Bride lets out a shriek at the death of her betrothed and makes a mad dash to attack Victor. Stampy lies dieing at Victors feet as he engages the bride and quickly ends her existence. She explodes in a hail of razor sharp bones showering both Stampy and Victor. Luckily Stampy survives the ordeal.

XP: 1365

Deeper into the Dark
Wait ... what exactly are we here to get?

Just One More Room

Overhearing some Goblins in the next room talking about whats best to cook humans with drove home the urgency of your mission. While many of your bodies were badly battered, your will was strong and you were far from exhausted.

Roger moves ahead quietly into the room to spot a couple of Hobgoblin Grunts and an Hobgoblin Archer. Roger ducks quickly behind a sarcophagus, but the Archers keep eye sees movement in the shadows and calls the alarm. This is a mistake he wont live to regret.

Fulled by the urgency of rescue and knowing some much needed rest is right around the corner the party burst and hits the Hobgoblins with everything they’ve got. The Hobgoblins enforcements joined the fray but Stampy entered his Lashing Rain stance at a choke point proving critical to holding them at bay.

Once the dust settles no prisoner was to be found and the party quickly split up to search and examine the room. Some magic items were fund wrapped in a linen cloth and were quickly dispersed while others examined the sarcophagi. The Hobgoblin Solder dons a twine necklace with a single bead in the shape of a skull. Everyone examines it, but finds that it has no historic or religious significance so little other thought is given to it’s purpose. The Hobgoblin Soldier’s sword is also marked with a black arrow head near it’s hilt.

Dartis listens at a door and hears some whimpering and the sounds of rats, but it is decided that further rescue attempts can not be made and that rest is needed.

Four Beast and Four Beast Rats

After a nights sleep its back into the fortress of Rivenroar to find those you are looking for. At this point you guys realize that no one actually found out what or who exactly you needed to recover. At this point you hope for the best and enter the room where Dartis had heard the rats and woman earlier.

Roger sneaks in spotting four large rats and four statues of a beast he does not recognize. Kendris hearing the news gets excited to examine them and the rest of the part follows. The statues turn out to be those of Displacer Beasts, although it is never ascertained why they might be there.

Instead the party engages the large rats and finds themselves struck by arrows from a hidden foe. The fight is quick and brutal with the Four rats and two Goblin Snipers laying in pools of blood. The woman is nearly catatonic, but Dartis seems to be able to make a connection with her before she passes out. She has an advanced affliction of Filth Fever and both Stampy and Victor start to feel it’s effects also.

Who Needs Stealth

Further wandering through the halls you guys find yourself at a set of typical double doors. Departing from your normal tactics both Stampy and Roger throw open the doors to reveal a trio of nasty looking undead. An rotted corpse flanked by a pair of ghostly knights in plate mail all brandishing the crest of Baron Rivenroar.

The corpse raises its hand as necromantic energy collects and leaps out at the group. But the shot is wild and fly’s over everyone head. Needless to say it robbed them of the bad ass cred they deserved.

The fight was on as the part engaged focusing on the corpse mage (actually a Deathlock Wight) trying to dispatch it as quickly as possible. As the fight progresses Goblin Ghosts leap from the wall and attack anyone within grasp.

While the Deathlock Wight is quickly dispatched the Ghostly Knights turn out to be quite tough and the wave after wave of Goblin Ghosts start to take their toll and frustrate the group. The battle drags on, but at the end nothing but ectoplasm remains.

You guys notice a dead Cpt. Kartenix, sitting up in the corner with a twisted and pain wrought face sitting next to a small chest. The chest is search finding some gold and healing potions and the decision to leave Cpt. Kartenix where he lie is made, you’ll collect him on the way back. No one seems to worry about leaving his corpse in an area full of undead.

Dude a Red Ninja! … Oh Wait He’s Got Spells

After a short rest the party decides to take the stairs up instead of the ones leading down. Roger leads the way carefully sneaking up the stairs. At the top he stays concealed and makes out a large room, maybe at one point a reception area or banquette hall. Several Hobgoblin Grunts and two medium lizards (Spitting Drakes) stand guard.

The part follows, but Stampy gives them away by accidentally kick a piece a metal on the stairs alerting the guards to your presence. The Hobgoblins spring into action fast with two blocking off the entrance to the room while the other two take the flanks and stay out of sight.

Quickly they are joined by a Hobgoblin dressed in all red. Dartis, remembering some stories he heard on the road, shouts out with glee “It’s a Red Ninja!”. Of course not realizing that a Red Ninja would kill all of you without you even knowing it, the Ninja illusion is shared when he starts throwing spells at the party.

Victor is able to make it through the enemy lines quickly and boxes the mage in. He is hit by a Stinging Hex, preventing him from moving with taking massive amounts of damage. Luckily Stampy arrives right in time to continue the attack and the Hobgoblins are neutralized.

The door which the mage emerged was still slightly ajar allowing a glimpse of an attractive blond Elf in skimpy clothing chained to a far wall. Indecent thoughts abound, but you guys free her, without too much groping.

She identifies herself as Jalissa, an acolyte of Ioun. She thanks you for her rescue and tells you how she was kidnapped. She also lets you know of the six others that were also taken.

  • Mirtala – female cook, who she identies as being strapped to your Tensors Floating Disk
  • Sertanian – Castellan of Hall of Valor
  • Thurann – young son of Cpt. Kartenix who was handed over to the undead
  • Cpt. Kartenix – killed when he tried to stop them from taking his son
  • Zerriksa – An old woman who claimed to be a witch, she was quickly separated from the group
  • Adronsius – A dwarven alchemist who Jalissa says was trying to make a deal with Hobgoblins, but since she doesn’t speak goblin, doesn’t know exactly what was said.

The room makes the third crypt found in this fortress, although this one is dedicated to Pelor, so not as bad as the others. The Sarcophagi seemed to have been looted already and in the corner you find some magic items in a pile of junk and bones.

XP: 970

A New Hand For Brindol

A Night Back in Brindol

We start off with all of you relaxing in the Red Door Tavern and Inn back in Brindol. You guys had just returned from you first adventure of tracking down a group of Kobolds following a white dragon wyrmling who was casing issues near the Giantshield mountains. Victor, who is an Ex-guard in Brindol had suggested the place since it caters to the military folks in Brindol and is run by an old retired soldier named Zanny.

The night’s peace was interrupted as a goblins bust through the doors yelling “For Sinruth, For the Hand”. The goblins wear black tabards, looked to be inspired by the Red Hand of Doom, with a downward thrusting red fist. They attack the place, try and burn it down and rip the Red Hand of Doom memorabilia from the walls. The goblins are quickly put down and you guys try and interrogate one you had captured, but this causes Zanny to go ballistic. He starts yelling at you to “put it to the sword” and to “get out” at which Stampy asks Kendris to put him to sleep. Zanny quickly heads for the back and takes shelter in one of the store rooms.

At this point Victor is outside tending to dying guards when a giant ogre rounds the corner pulling a cat full of pitch casks. The ogre tosses a pitch cask right in the middle of the street setting off a large fire while some accompanying Hobgoblins start letting loose with their bows. Stampy, not being deterred by the brute, runs up to go toe-to-toe but is sent flying through a nearby window knocking him out cold.

After a few tries Kendris finally hits the ogre and cart with a scorching burst causing the whole thing to go up. While the ogre isn’t killed by the fire immediately the rest of the party makes quick work of it. With little time to waste Lt. Paln of the Lion Guard and Alys, a female messenger, show up to assess the situation and seek your help. It turns out Brindol is in chaos with fires raging, goblin raiders still found inside the city walls and to make matters worse Lord Warden Orenna has ordered the Lion Guard back to Brindol Keep, having some sort of flashback to the initial Red Hand of Doom attack.

The work is quickly divided up, with Dartis and Kendris heading off with Alys to convince Lord Orenna to release the Lion Guard, Victor and Timmy move to help put out the fires, while Stampy and Roger stalk the left over goblins in the streets. Heroics all around saves the day and within the next hour the crisis is over.

The Morning After

You all crash at Victor’s place and are woken by Lt. Paln and Alys the next morning who thanks you for your help. Lt. Paln brings up some allegations from Zanny that you guys were planning on assaulting him. Victor defuses the situation and then Alys informs you guys that you are being summoned by Councilmember Troyas.

Shortly you arrive at Troyas mansion and enter the foyer to find him having a discussion with someone else. Much to the surprise of Troyas, Alys and everyone else both Stampy and Roger try and sneak up to Troyas and his guest in an attempt to ease drop. Staying hidden while trying to creep up in broad daylight and in plain view of everyone was beyond the skills of the two and they were quickly ejected from Troyas’s house. Troyas ends his conversation with his guest, who turns out to be Edger Summerfield of the adventuring group called the Far Striders, and addresses you guys.

After a short discussion inside and another failed attempt at sneaking outside, Troyas reveals that the goblin raid took items from the Great Hall of Valor and kidnapped about half a dozen people. After rewarding each of you 25GPs for your efforts the night before he offers you 500GPs to retrieve the items and rescue the towns folk. After accepting you head off to interrogate a hobgoblin captured the night before.

Interrogating the hobgoblin was a mixed bag. You guys did find out that the raid was lead by Sinruth and that he is operating out of a complex hidden in the Giantshield mountain that you suspect is the lost fortress of Baron Rivenroar. Apparently there is some undead in the fortress and Sinruth plans on handing the prisoners over to them, for reasons unknown. Further interrogation leads to the prisoner drawing a map to the fortress. It’s not clear whether the map was faked or was the result of not having a clear memory, but after Dartis examines the map it is determined that it can’t be trusted.

While you guys have a decent idea of where you are trying to get to, the path there still remained unclear. Stampy then comes up with the idea to hire a guide and 12 gold later the Dwarven scout Elward Mineshadow is leading you guys into the mountains.

Next Stop, Rivenroar

It’s a hard trek with the mountain environment taking its toll on most of you, but with Elward’s expert navigation you find yourself at the entrance to the fortress 8 hours later. Stampy scouts the entrance finding stairs leading down to an unlocked steel door.

The attack of the entrance room is violent and you dispatch the goblin guards. After some deliberation you head to your left finding a goblin barracks and spill more goblin blood. One of the doors in the barracks has skulls drawn in red paint all over it and the warning of “keep out” is written on the door in goblin. While the first two combats were not that difficult, you have yet to jell as a group and work well together. Some of you have taken a few lumps and others are still banged up from the journey through the mountains.

After a short rest there is some discussion on what to do next, but Stampy decides to check out the “undead” room, much to the chagrin of the rest of the party, except maybe Roger. Annoyance turns to curiosity as Stampy returns with a report on what he saw in the room. The room was empty, no sighting of undead at all, just a huge tapestry that was too dirty to see any details from far away. Both Kendris and Dartis, excited about the prospect of examine the relic, quickly move to get a closer look and everyone else comes along.

The tapestry look like it was a depiction of the last battle of Rhest with Rivenroar soldiers battling goblins. Before the realization of what was being depicted never happened both Roger and Dartis notice the figures in the tapestry start to move.

Ghostly warriors and goblins spring from the tapestry surprising nearly everyone. Stressed and worried about the preparedness for the fight the retreat becomes chaotic. Those that do escape, have to double back a recommit to the fight, less they leave some behind to face their possible deaths. The fight nearly kills Stampy, but in the end you prevail. Some of you also learn, something that you no doubt you remember from your childhood, that ghosts can walk through walls.

Most everyone’s body has taken as much damage as it can take in one day, even magic can no longer mend the wounds. After some debate you push on and scout the next room. There you overhear some goblins discussing the best way to cook humans. It’s been 17 hours since the towns folks have been kidnapped and while the clock is ticking, there are doubts that some of you, may survive another fight.

XP: 668


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